Own The Payment System, Don’t Let It Own You

Relieving the burden to healthcare providersHealthcarePays eliminates administrative redundancy and provides a transparent payment network that conveniently connects to providers’ existing billings systems, practice management software and clearinghouses.

Providers now have the opportunity to independently participate in the first national payment network, regardless of where they bank and from which health plans they receive payments. A variety of connectivity options are available based on provider needs, and services can include powerful payment data analytics. Providers determine how they receive payment information and what collaborative information they require.

HealthcarePays is as convenient as direct deposit payroll and online bill pay. And HealthcarePays is committed to a marketplace understanding that providers should not have to pay unnecessary fees to receive monies owed them for providing patient care.

Providers can connect to HealthcarePays to download electronic remittance and payment re-association information from all health plans. Visibility across the entire network of health plans results in true transparency by identifying what payments are “in-process” and delivering fast payment transactions – either directly or to billing systems or clearinghouses.

With HealthcarePays, providers and their intermediaries or clearinghouses easily meet ACA standards for electronic transactions for a compliant connection to payers 24/7.<br/ clear=”all”/>

The HealthcarePays iERA solution allowed OneMind Health to “plug-n-play” into the ERA space in a powerful and robust way, with the latest in technology geared for ERA processing, for the benefit of our provider clients. I would recommend the HealthcarePays iERA solution to every organization looking for the specialized and
nimble services of HealthcarePays, for all of your
ERA processing and delivery needs!

Richard Moore – CEO OneMind Health

Value to Providers – Basic Services

We provide easy access to a transparent, efficient payment system that meets the needs of providers. HealthcarePays standardizes all electronic remittance formats and provides remittance advice downloads for providers from health plans. We identify all payments received, manage remittance and payment re-association, and provide data analytic reports across health plans. One place, to receive all you need to be able to quickly and efficiently recognize your hard-earned revenue.

Unique Providers Add-Ons – Enhanced Services

Imagine never again needing to open an envelope and pull out, sort and manage paper remittance information or paper checks. No more USPS snail mail. No more relying on human resources or billing services to ensure you are paid with precision and speed, your way. And how about having all incoming payments consolidated by health plan and reported so you can track every penny? These are but a few of the options offered by HealthcarePays Enhanced Services.

The Ultimate Provider Payment Processing – Deluxe Services

Now imagine that not only does every incoming remittance auto-post to your billing or practice management software, it can also be imported into your accounting package! And stop pesky out-of-balance delays caused by health plans not completing their remittance to you as outlined for compliance. Out-of-balance issues automatically resolved based on your selection options! These and more are available through the Deluxe Services of HealthcarePays.


  • Provide direct input to the payment network that moves your claim payments
  • Through participation and input, you ensure you never pay more than necessary for receiving your own remittance and cash with options you select
  • Learn how your operations compares to others in the aggregate when it comes to rates and revenues
  • No changes required in regards to existing clearinghouses, billing systems, banks or practice management systems
  • Know where your cash is at any point in time with full payment transparency
  • Take command, through collaboration, of the first national healthcare payment data cube and payment reports
  • Keep your bank accounts and financial information out of reach from health plans and others in the system
  • Improve revenue recognition as all payments are handled exactly the same, no matter the source
  • Never worry about changing banks, billing systems or practice management software, this payment network follows you, not the other way around

It’s Upstream of Everyone, You Direct the Upstream

Participating in the network means, as providers, you can now direct the upstream payment path. At HealthcarePays, we want providers to remain connected as they see fit, to their billing systems, their practice management systems and/or their clearinghouses and banks. But, just like what occurred in financial services, we don’t want providers to be subservient to others as merchants are in the U.S. today to the payment networks. We don’t want you to be charged unnecessary fees by those out to make a buck on the billions in healthcare transactions each year. We want you, as the providers, to direct the upstream network and to make the choices that best fit your needs. That might be our basic remittance and payments offerings, or it might be value-add services like combining payments from health plans or by receiving payments by national provider ID number. You direct it, you choose, your way.

Payment Automation

We are leading the industry in healthcare payment automation to reduce overall costs of healthcare in the U.S. HealthcarePays makes it easy to choose how you want your payment information and deposits delivered.


We connect you to payers, employers, intermediaries and clearinghouses, and banks to move financial healthcare data quickly and efficiently. By connecting key players, HealthcarePays delivers efficiencies that will reform the industry.


Be part of the HealthcarePays network to get paid faster, own the network instead of it owning you, and level the playing field by learning from the network’s payment data and applying the learnings to your financial benefit.

*Disclaimer: HealthcarePays offers providers (in one format for all payers) electronic remittance and re-associated electronic payments information. Value-add services like daily payment consolidation and remittance reconfiguration, and many other offerings to make handling payer payments match provider workflow, are available for as requested by the provider.