HealthcarePays – A Healthcare Payment Network Governed by The Industry

HealthcarePays is a national healthcare payment network that simplifies the movement of money and payment information among health plans, healthcare providers, intermediaries and clearinghouses, and financial services participants. The secure network is highly cost effective and fully compliant with the Affordable Care Act and other state and federal laws.

HealthcarePays is governed by its owners, the constituents of healthcare. This ensures the network has appropriate oversight and transparency, while providing all the participants in the industry with the opportunity to participate in a national payment infrastructure that will cut healthcare payment costs dramatically – saving the industry billions.

Commercial Payers

We’re introducing a new model for healthcare payments, and an opportunity for health plans to participate with employers and providers to solve the industry’s most pressing challenges.


At its most fundamental, employers and their employees fund the healthcare industry.  Our model gives these important stakeholders the ability to have oversight into how each dollar is spent.


Providers shouldn’t have to pay unnecessary fees. That’s why we offer Basic, Enhanced and Deluxe options. Providers select the level of service based on individual revenue cycle management needs.

Government Payers

We are working on solving some of the healthcare industry’s most difficult financial challenges. Our goal: help Medicare and Medicaid fight waste and fraud.  State projects are  underway.